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palleagermark: Setup a keyboard shortcut on the WMS mobile device portal

You can setup keyboard shortcuts for the mobile device portal without any code changes at all. Here is in short what you need to do.

You need to know two things before you can setup the shortcut:

  1. The HTML id of the button type to create the shortcut for.
  2. The JavaScript keyboard code for the key you want to use.
You find the HTML id of the button type by looking at the HTML source behind it. In Internet Explorer you right click a button of the type and select "Inspect element":

Then you can find the HTML id here:

The JavaScript keyboard code you can find from this menu item (sorry, the screenshot is in Danish, but it should say something like "Show codes for keyboard short cuts"):

When you have clicked the menu item, just hit the key you want to use and it will show the keyboard code:

Here I have hit the escape key and got code 27 for that.

Now you need to decide how to show what the keyboard shortcut is shown as. That is added to text of the button. In this case I'll show it as "ESC".

To enable the escape button for "Cancel", I can enter the following setup in "Work user mobile display settings":

So this is "HTML id"("text to show in the button")="keyboard code"

And it'll look like this:

Here is a good article from Microsoft explaining the setup:

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